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Founded in 1968, Wild Wings is today’s leading publisher of art based on the themes of wildlife, sporting, and nostalgia or Americana. We represent more than seventy of America’s top wildlife and nature artists from all over the country, and many of these artists have been with us for at least twenty-five years of their art careers. To date, we have published more than 2,500 print editions of our artists’ outstanding work, which is appreciated by outdoorsmen and art collectors alike. We’re proud of our long-standing reputation for excellence in art quality and of our artists who continually produce that excellence, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent who share our love and respect for the natural world.


Because our artists paint from their own acquaintance with and affinity for nature, wildlife, and outdoor living and sporting, the experience of each artist’s work is unique and personal. Subject matter ranges to cover all aspects of the natural world, from encounters with nature, such as hunting, fishing, or country life, to wildlife, including big game and waterfowl, to glorious landscapes which form the backbone of nature-inspired art. Just as varied as subject matter is choice of artistic medium; whether it’s oil, acrylic, watercolor, wood carving, sculpting, or photography, each of our artists has spent a lifetime mastering his or her medium of preference. Drawing from their experiences with the natural world, our artists create work which reflects their personal interpretations of the essence of nature, resulting in different styles varying from detailed realism to abstract expression. Each of our artists’ work is distinct and refined, and always of noteworthy quality.


Our artists are all prominent and acclaimed figures in the wildlife and nature art genre. Their artwork is frequently featured on conservation stamps, appears in widely-read sporting and nature publications, and is treasured in many public and private collections around the globe. All of our artists are avid appreciators of the outdoors, and most are firmly committed to using their art to support conservation groups and efforts striving to preserve the natural world they love so much.


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One of our most recognized and loved artists was Terry Redlin (1937-2016), widely thought of as “America’s Most Popular Artist.” Redlin’s work poignantly embodied the nostalgic spirit of America’s rural past with his heartwarming scenes of country living and pastoral wildlife and landscapes. Infused with his characteristic representation of light which seems to glow right off the paintings’ surfaces, his works are recognized fondly by both viewers and dedicated collectors as reminiscent of their warmest memories of experiences in rural and natural settings.


Hardly less loved for its charm is Rosemary Millette’s quietly impactful body of work. Her acrylic paintings, generally composed with a strong foreground focus and either an abstract or detailed, deep-perspective background, realistically portray wildlife, such as deer, birds, and butterflies, in peaceful, seemingly introspective moments. Painting ever since she was a young girl, Millette has become an accomplished wildlife artist, winning numerous Conservation Stamp contests, including several from her home state of South Dakota. She partners with many conservation groups attempting to preserve and protect the wildlife she has cherished and studied since she was a child.


Persis Clayton Weirs (1942-2016) was another artist known for her realistic and elegant representation of wildlife interacting with its natural habitat. A self-taught acrylic painter, she grew up on the coast of Maine, where she studied wildlife, especially horses, deer, and birds, and learned to translate their grace and confidence into her artwork. Weirs’s work was deservedly recognized by several prestigious wildlife and nature art awards, and the 1992 Maine Duck Stamp features her painting of long-tailed ducks.


Michael Sieve, an artist from Minnesota, renders wildlife and landscapes with such precision that his paintings almost seem more real than photographs. Using oil paint, he expertly works strikingly realistic detail into each of his subjects, which range from birds to big game to exotic African mammals, all interacting with a background no less grandly detailed than the subject. Each piece is composed in such a way that the tension of the subject’s placement within the frame and against the background creates an energy in the painting which suggests the scene will start moving at any moment. Sieve’s incredible paintings have now been reproduced in more than 100 limited edition prints. His work has also appeared in many respected wildlife and nature publications, and he is often included in art shows as a featured artist.


Also raised in Minnesota, David A. Maass has been a wildlife artist for more than sixty years and is a master of oil paints. Skilled at capturing the form and movement of waterfowl and upland game birds in flight, Maass pays careful attention to the color interaction of his palate choices, which results in a convincing depth of space and glow of realism in each of his magnificent paintings. Maass has fittingly claimed thirty-eight Duck and Conservation Stamp designs, including two Federal Duck Stamps. He uses his art to raise millions of dollars to support conservation efforts.


As an outdoorsman and minister from Wisconsin, Sam Timm combines his experiences in the field with memories of interacting with nature as a child to create his peaceful scenes of country towns and farms, birds, and wildlife serenely at home in its natural environment. Primarily working with acrylic paint, Timm employs a soft color palate which creates a subdued glimpse of the great outdoors, allowing viewers to enjoy the tranquility often sought and found in the natural world. Timm has won twelve Conservation Stamp competitions, and is one of two artists to win all five duck and fishing stamp competitions hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Though watercolor is by far one of the most difficult art media to work with, Susan Bourdet has mastered the technique and paints her compositions with proficient control. Living and painting in Oregon, she largely draws inspiration from her garden to create her softly-hued paintings. With a painterly touch, Bourdet embodies the gentle beauty of nature nurtured by a caring hand. Her work has been reproduced in more than sixty limited edition prints, as well as represented in art shows and in nature-themed calendars. She shares her love of art with others by teaching watercolor workshops and publishing books of painting instruction.


Growing up in California but moving between several western states before settling in Oregon, Chris Cummings gathered reference material for her oil paintings and practiced her skill as a nature artist. She primarily focuses on horses as her subject, rendering her western scenes with photo-realistic detail and expertly captured lighting, imbuing each painting with a sense of just-frozen movement. She is considered one of the foremost equine artists in the U.S., and her limited edition prints and original paintings are prized in both private and public collections. As an artist dedicated to sharing her love of the natural world with others through her art, she provides yet another strong example of the skill and purpose we at Wild Wings value so much in our wildlife and nature artists.