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Growing up along the Mississippi River, Sam Nottleman found an early love for wildlife, especially waterfowl and songbirds, which passed by his home on their annual migrations every year. Fostering a continued interest in art, he earned a BA in art from Winona State University and began a career as both an artist and a musician. Eventually, after honing his decoy carving skills, he decided to focus on carving as a career and continues to create stunning waterfowl decoys professionally today.

Sam Nottleman's decoys and sculpture beautifully represent many waterfowl species, including mallard, pintail, wood duck, teal, goose, swan, and more. His carving style ranges from incredibly realistic and lifelike to traditional antique. Wild Wings offers an impressive selection of Sam Nottleman's decoys and sculpture, hand cast and richly hand painted to capture the magnificence of the original carvings.