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Randal Martin grew up in Tennessee and has had a skill for art since a very young age. He has talent and experience in many art media, including graphic design, watercolor, and oil, but his favorite type of art to pursue is wood carving; Randal Martin is known all over the world for his bird sculptures.

Martin carves birds of many species—owls, songbirds, eagles, and more. He invests much attention into each bird sculpture, bringing it to life with incredibly meticulous detail, such as delicate feathers and personable expressions. He then hand-paints his bird sculptures, adding glass eyes for and extra element of realism.

Randal Martin's sculpting career started strong, as his first songbird sculpture took Best of Show and First Place at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville. He has won numerous awards since, including the Silver Brush Award in the Tullahoma Tennessee Fine Arts Festival, and was also commissioned to carve a bird ornament for the White House Christmas tree. Of his carving process, he says, "I typically have four or five carvings going at once, and as they come to life, I can't wait to begin another."
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