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Joe Slockbower earned a fine arts degree in sculpture from California State University in Long Beach, but he began his art career as a portrait artist. After furthering his art education in Europe, he rerouted his art career effortlessly from drawing and painting to sculpting and quickly gained recognition as a sculptor. He is now considered one of Southern California's best wildlife sculptors, and his work appears in galleries and exhibitions nationwide and in private collections worldwide.

Lauded as testaments to the relationship between humans and the natural world, Joe Slockbower's sculptures utilize a combination of stunning realism and tasteful abstraction to poignantly capture the beauty and power of wildlife forms. From wolves to deer to eagles and more, the subjects of his sculptures exude not only life but individuality and spirit.

Wild Wings offers an impressive selection of Joe Slockbower's sculptures, finely hand painted and beautifully prepared for tabletop display.
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