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Hand carved decoys reflect both the beauty of waterfowl and the tradition of using decoys to hunt ducks and geese. If you're a goose hunter, duck hunter, or decoy collector, you'll be amazed by the lifelike detail of our carved decoys.

Our collection of hand carved decoys includes many waterfowl species, such as mallard, wood duck, pintail, teal, goose, swan, and more. Created by several master carvers, including Sam Nottleman, Phil Galatas, and Wayne Murray, our decoys are the perfect addition to your hunting-themed home or cabin or the perfect gift for a fellow duck and goose hunter.
Artist Name
Sam Nottleman(24)
Wayne Murray(3)
Phil Galatas(1)
Loon Lake(24)
Wild Wings(4)
Open Edition(27)
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28 ItemsPage 1 of 1
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