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With Wild Wings's collection of rustic bathroom accessories, you can design your cabin or home's bathroom with as much detail and charm as the rest of your house!

Our collection of rustic bathroom accessories includes beautiful choices of shower curtains, toilet seats, wastebaskets, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, tissue box covers, and more. With themes as varied as nature, birds, wildlife, pinecones, lake, Southwest, forests, and others, you'll surely find the perfect selection of rustic bathroom accessories to complement your home's decor.
Lodge & Cabin(43)
Sunrise & Sunset(2)
Floral & Plant Life(29)
Human Element(20)
Natural Element(7)
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Gilded Birds Bath Accessories  (12 items)
$11.95  to  $53.95
Red Roof Log Cabin Tissue Box Cover
Mystic Forest Bath Accessories  (12 items)
$6.95  to  $44.95
Lab Lover Bath Accessories  (7 items)
$12.95  to  $25.95
Pinecone Forest Bath Accessories  (4 items)
$10.95  to  $29.95
Moose Tissue Box Cover
Pinecone Wastebasket & Tissue Set (Set of 2)
by Persis Clayton Weirs
Lake Rules Bath Collection  (3 items)
$40.95  to  $110.00
Vintage Faucet Soap Dish
New!  Snowman Bathroom Gift Set (Set of 3)
Pine Tree Bath Accessories  (6 items)
$59.95  to  $315.00
Misty Forest Wastebasket & Tissue Set (Set of 2)
by Bob Metropulos
Deer Bath Accessories  (9 items)
$18.95  to  $240.00
Hair on Hide Elongated Toilet Seat
by Janene Grende
Wolf Toilet Seat
by Lee Kromschroeder
Gilded Birds Shower Curtain
Summer Sunrise Wastebasket & Tissue Set (Set of 2)
by Persis Clayton Weirs
Desert Star Bath Accessories  (7 items)
$29.95  to  $240.00
Gilded Birds Tissue Box Cover
Birch and Twig Tissue Box Cover
Southwest Coyote Bath Accessories  (7 items)
$29.95  to  $240.00
Mystic Forest Shower Curtain
Gilded Birds Wastebasket
Pinecone Bath Accessories  (6 items)
$34.95  to  $450.00
Feathers Bath Accessories  (2 items)
$86.95  to  $110.00
Gilded Birds Soap & Lotion Pump
Mystic Forest Soap Dish
Pinecone Elongated Toilet Seat
by Persis Clayton Weirs
Moose Bath Accessories  (10 items)
$18.95  to  $240.00
Gilded Birds Bath Tumbler
Bear Family Shower Curtain
Mystic Forest Wastebasket
Mystic Forest Tissue Box Cover
Feathers Shower Curtain
Rustic Montage Shower Curtain
Gilded Birds Toothbrush Holder
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